BuildingMinds Platform

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The digital brain that lets you drive the performance of your real estate portfolio

BuildingMinds' suite of SaaS solutions for real estate portfolio management answers all your needs in terms of day-to-day operations and long-term strategy. From ESG & reporting to portfolio management and digital building twin, we show you the way to a sustainable and profitable future.

By going far beyond reporting capabilities, the platform makes sustainability truly actionable:

  • We help you master the challenge of data by providing you with a single source of truth. That makes it easy to draw up ESG reports and other required documentation. It also does away with time-consuming manual processes and reduces the risk of errors. Best of all, you can use the same data for multiple ESG reporting standards – including GRESB, ECORE, SFDR and TCFD.

  • The goal of portfolio management is to keep your real estate portfolio healthy and drive value growth. We give you the tools you need to identify your buildings' consumption and emission levels, plan and manage your KPIs, and turn your ESG goals into actions with retrofit planning and impact simulations. You can predict future value by conducting stranding risk and carbon price simulations based on CRREM pathways
  • Digital building twins are highly accurate, real-time virtual replicas of physical assets. They combine static and dynamic information, integrating spaces, equipment, sensors and documents into a single ecosystem – and so making it easier for you to manage individual buildings or your entire real estate portfolio.

Headquartered in Berlin and supported by its founding partner Schindler since 2019, BuildingMinds boasts a team of over 100 digitization, ESG and industry experts from over 30 countries.