Decisio™ Cloud for Water (C4W)


Harness the power of AI-Assisted, Cloud-Based, ‘Whole Systems’ Water Decision-Making and Planning.

Are you facing 'Mega' Challenges in the Water Sector? Discover our AI-powered, cloud-based decision-making platform designed to revolutionize your approach to Water and Wastewater Systems Planning. Decisio™ Cloud for Water (C4W), hosted on Microsoft Azure, is your key to overcoming industry pain points and navigating uncertainties with confidence.

Unlock the power of a holistic, end-to-end view of the ecosystem in which you operate, whilst optimising your systems and operations. Transition from traditional, siloed planning to a 'whole system' adaptive planning approach. With Decisio™, decision-makers can efficiently explore decision pathways, conduct stress tests, and document their chosen course of action.

Key Benefits:

  • Customise standard 'Digital Business Twins' to reflect your business and support precise decision-making.
  • Leverage AI and data-driven decision-support capabilities for operational, tactical, and strategic planning and decision-making.
  • Harness Adaptive Planning, Mass Scenario Analysis, Automated Investments Options Generation, Predictive Analytics, and Mathematical Optimization.

Challenge the conventional approach to planning in the water industry. Understand connectivity and constraints, incorporate risks, understand intervention options, and future-proof your asset and investment plans. Achieve outperformance in the short-term while staying true to your long-term strategic objectives. Decisio™ is a high-tech, low-touch platform that empowers you to efficiently configure and run ‘what if’ (simulation) and ‘what’s best’ (optimisation) scenarios, and visualise results through an intelligent interface, embedded dashboards, and intuitive reports.

Decisio™ C4W has empowered Water Companies to face their challenges and thrive. Let’s hear about the impact on a few of our current clients:

  • £9.1 million ($11 million) saved relating to the leakage penalty, £3.8 million ($4.6 million) in Opex saved as a reactive response and 70% reduction of costs through proactive options.
  • Prevention of 2 billion AUD ($1.3 billion) due to Auto Generation of network options.
  • 26% reduction in core 30-year investment plan (equivalent to 17 billion AUD/$11 billion).
  • Saved billions in stranded asset and penalty costs and slashed 97% of net carbon emissions.
  • 65% of the UK population is benefitting from our Bioresources Solutions.

Decisio™ is Microsoft Azure cloud-native, ensuring scalability, performance, reusability, resilience, and security. We have received ISO standard approval for data management and governance, guaranteeing robust user management and security.

The result of adopting Decisio™ C4W: better, faster, and more coordinated decision-making at the core of your business.

We're here to deliver exceptional value for you.

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