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Celebros Natural Language Search & Merchandising

Celebros Search & Merchandising.
Our Natural Language Site Search, Merchandising and Navigation technologies use advanced semantic algorithms to improve conversion from search. We deliver relevant and accurate results the first time, turning more visitors into paying customers.

Top Features:
Semantic Site-Search
Understand what your customers want by providing them with the most relevant and accurate products from your catalog.
Machine Learning
Improve your search results by using your visitors’ behavior data to promote high conversion products.
Auto complete / Instant search
Show the most relevant products and suggestions as your visitors start typing.
Dynamic, Multi-Select Navigation
Make your store navigation even more flexible and user-friendly by allowing your visitors to select multiple values or attributes for the same search and hide irrelevant filters.
Guided Navigation
Allow your customers to search for products they want with the least amount of effort by using the guided navigation feature which connects your navigation to the Celebros search.
Traffic Builder SEO tool
Build static pages of your top searches and index them for all search engines.