Certis Smart Integrated Transport Hub

โดย Certis Technology (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.

Smart Integrated Public Transport Platform as a Service

Urban mobility is the lifeblood of modern cities. As congestion, accidents and pollution rise with increased car usage, designing effective, safe and secure transport systems remains one of the biggest challenges of policy makers – especially in light of Covid-19, where robust connectivity is critical to ensure the uninterrupted flow of food, medical supplies and emergency goods. 
In order to meet rising demand for public transport and unlock greater mobility, rapidly growing cities need to power their transport networks with leading-edge technology and intelligent platforms. 
Understanding the needs of today’s world, Certis, Singapore’s leading advanced integrated security organisation, and SMRT Corporation (SMRT) have co-innovated and co-created the Smart Transport Hub. Anchored in the deep domain and operational knowledge of both organisations, the Hub delivers the transformative power of technologies and vast infrastructure necessary to enhance efficiency, value and passenger experience.