Smart Supply - Smart Merchandise Management

โดย Chainbalance BV

Consumption-driven decision making for the entire merchandise management

"Our mission is to drive environmental responsibility in the fashion industry and help reduce the amount of wasted product. We use millions of data, statistical models, and business rules for the fashion industry to always decide for the right product at the right time in the right quantity along the entire value chain"

In the fast-moving consumer world, there is no time to make daily micro-decisions or analyze hundreds of POS with thousands of products to find actionable patterns to always make the right decision. This leads to an overwhelming flood of products that pile up in the wrong places and fail to reach their full potential in the right places, at the right time. Chainbalance provides retailers and the fashion industry with a data-driven solution to make consumption-driven decisions for the value chain and relieves the team from time-consuming manual work. In this way, we help our customers become more profitable and operate more sustainably. Our Insight helps to make better production decisions by analyzing each product in color and size, for each individual location, on a daily basis. This has made us the leading provider of allocation and replenishment solutions for the fashion industry since 2009. Managing major international fashion, sports, and footwear brands in over 30 countries for retail, wholesale, eCom, and outlets.

Unlock your hidden sales potential and give your team more time for creativity with Chainbalance.