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Simple and intelligent integrity program management and control

ClickCompliance is a software that reaches all of a company’s stakeholders, and automates daily processes while producing data about four of your integrity program’s fronts. It includes Document and Policy Governance, Compliance Training, a Compliance Bot and a Whistleblower Platform.

Global Features

• User segmentation in groups, areas, departments, etc., and automatic synchronization when new employees arrive, leave, change areas, etc.

• Administrator dashboards with data, graphs and reports about all 4 of the modules that can be used to optimize the integrity program, or as evidence in audits or investigations.

• Intelligent search within the software, that considers possible variations of the keywords searched.

• Reaches all of the company’s stakeholders, such as employees, suppliers and partners.

Document and Policy Governance

• Documents and policies require approval from certain configured areas and departments to be released for acceptance. The approval flow can also be multilevel, following the area or department’s specific hierarchy.

• The documents and policies are organized by type (procedure, norm, form, minute, etc.).

• Customizable quizzes about the policy content to confirm that the stakeholder understood it before accepting.

• Notifications of newly added policies, new policy versions, added users in an audience, and when each policy is approved or accepted.

• Policies and documents can be updated, and it will automatically be necessary to accept the new version.

Compliance Training

• Videos with risk situations that are common during day to day work.

• Animated videos to generate more interest and dynamics, and stimulate stakeholder engagement.

• Includes multimedia content such as documents, videos, texts and presentations.

• Content customization to better meet each company’s specific reality.

• Data of the training’s progress, complete or incomplete trainings by area, department, etc.

Compliance Bot

• Artificial Intelligence that uses machine learning to answer employee questions about policies, compliance, etc.

• Answer effectiveness confirmation to enhance the bot’s performance.

• Unanswered questions are sent to the configured administrator.

• Reports with most asked questions.

• References to policies and documents in the portal in the answers.

Whistleblower Platform

• Configurable company complaint treatment flow.

• Anonymous or identified access.

• Protocol for the anonymous or identified whistleblower to follow the complaint treatment process.

• Dynamic customizable questions to better suit the company’s reality.

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