CloudMoyo On-the-job Training Management System

โดย CloudMoyo Inc

CloudMoyo OJT simplifies the administration & management of on-job training programs in railroads.

CloudMoyo’s On-the-Job-Training Management System (OJT) simplifies the administration and management of on-job-training programs for critical job roles in the railroad enterprise. With a standardized and comprehensive checklist creation and inspection tool for on-job trainings, railroads are empowered to improve performance, increase compliance, and save time and efforts required for on-job training programs.

Challenges that CloudMoyo OJT solves for:

  • Complications in the comprehensive planning, assignment, and inspection of the training program for multiple job roles and across different locations
  • Haphazard structuring of on-job-training programs for critical field roles like locomotive engineers, diesel engineers, and equipment operators
  • Extended, error-prone inspections cycle due to human judgements, limitations, and the unavailability of an inspection recording tool
  • Lack of standard processes in place as a follow-up to training inspections, in both pass and fail scenarios
  • Lack of organized record keeping as well as retrieval of historical training records for compliance audits

Core capabilities that you get with CloudMoyo OJT: 

  • Configuration of training task lists and checklists – Create, schedule, and assign checklists and task lists for individual trainees, and associated inspectors, along with configuration of inspection frequencies
  • View and execute assigned inspections – Ability for inspectors to get a detailed view of assigned inspection task lists and checklists for execution
  • Mobile tracking and offline mode – Record inspection outcomes with a mobile device even when offline
  • Post training workflows – Configure workflows for retraining and job commissioning based on training and inspection outcomes
  • Integrations – Seamlessly integrate with CRM and HRMS and achieve organization-wide consistency in training data.
  • Analytics and dashboards – Unlock insights and reports into the status of training programs for compliance and change management initiatives

Some of the business benefits that CloudMoyo OJT unlocks for rail transportation companies include: 
  • Structured training programs ensure only fully qualified trainees advance to full-time duties
  • Customized, performance-based training solutions meet the complex needs of the railroad industry
  • Consistency  of training data and formalization of post-training workflows
  • Accuracy in inspections and timeliness of inspection schedules
  • Compliant, paperless training records
  • Service excellence and reduced safety incidents 
  • Foster decision-making during change management and re-organization initiatives