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Codefresh is the first CI/CD platform built for Kubernetes

Codefresh is the first cloud-native CI/CD platform
Codefresh is a modern CI/CD platform designed for software development teams building and deploying cloud-native applications using Docker, Serverless, and Kubernetes. Container-based pipelines provide better flexibility, easier pipeline creation, and dozens of speed optimizations to make Codefresh the fastest CI/CD on the planet. Choose from a huge library of built-in steps, add your own, or use any Docker image or GitHub Action. With open support for Linux, Windows, Arm, and Mac OS (beta), as well as advanced deployment capabilities such as Canary, Blue/Green, etc, Codefresh can support any pipeline, end-to-end.
  • Build and Deploy applications 24x faster than legacy tooling
  • Quick onboarding with shared pipeline and monorepo support enables you to build and deploy your first applications in a matter of minutes
  • Supports Github, GitLab, Bitbucket, Azure DevOps (plus all their on-prem cousins) and more for source control to finally get everyone on the same page
  • First-class deployment support for Kubernetes on any public or private/hybrid cloud to simplify your infrastructure and application management
  • Deployment steps for VMs, serverless, mobile applications, and more
  • Run in our cloud (SaaS), or yours (Hybrid or On-Prem)
  • Huge open and extensible step/plugin library based on containers which supports virtually all components in your development, testing, security, and deployment toolchain
  • Built-in Docker/Helm Registries to simplify onboarding, speed, caching, visibility, and security (along with support for any external registry provider)
  • Startup Easy, Enterprise Ready - Single Sign-on, Role Based Access Controls, Audit Logs, Shared pipelines, and SOC II Compliance

Enterprise pricing available directly from Codefresh for the Azure Marketplace, contact