CognitiveScale Cortex Cognitive Platform

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CognitiveScale Cortex Cognitive Platform

CognitiveScale’s Cortex Cognitive Platform takes the mystery out of building and managing cognitive processes for software developers and data scientists through a unified programming model and open specifications. It radically simplifies design, development, delivery, and management of cognitive business processes that get smarter over time while ensuring that self-learning systems are explainable and transparent in their operations. Cortex is comprised of three major components: Marketplace, Studio and Fabric.

MARKETPLACE: Share and Control Industry and Domain AI Accelerators.

Marketplace provides an online collaboration system that works like an App store for AI building blocks to speed up collaboration across data science, IT, and business users. It helps drive standardization, discovery, re-use, and monetization of AI building blocks such as pre-built high value industry datasets, tuned algorithms, curated knowledge graphs, models, skills, and agent libraries accessible as APIs.

STUDIO: Build and Compose AI Systems.

Studio is the industry’s first open and extensible visual AI workbench that helps developers and data scientists collaboratively create, test, and deploy enterprise-grade cognitive business insights and processes at scale, using a higher programming model.

FABRIC: Simplify Data and Compute Access.

Fabric provides a unique data and compute infrastructure that simplifies data access and helps monetize your cloud, big data, and machine learning investments. Fabric helps clients host their data, models, compute, and runtime services where they need it, within their enterprise or across multiple clouds. Fabric improves data collection, organization, and analysis as well as cross-functional collaboration and governance for machine learning and non-machine learning projects. 

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