Cognizant Data Modernization

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“AI Driven Data-First” approach to simplify & transform existing data landscape

A proven method and platform, to source a variety of data and deliver intelligence across the enterprise value chain using Azure Cloud services.

Data Modernization - Reference Model

Data Modernization starts with Real-time Intelligence, Hyper Personalization, Business Agility and Data Scale. We offer a reference model using the Azure Subscription based services to reimagine the data and analytics foundation using a set of 19 attributes that help redefine the data ecosystem in a structured way.

Data Modernization - Method

Cognizant Data Modernization accelerates model development for novel and reliable insights, underpinned by an ensemble of method, platforms and applications that target various challenges across the data landscape.

The key phases involved are-

  • Assess- A 6-8 week assessment phase to formulate and visualize the data and analytics strategy and roadmap for our customers
  • Migrate- Evolve a migration cookbook that reaps the benefits of a cloud native architecture.
  • Manage and Govern- A MVP within 3-6 months and subsequently drive transformation towards a data and insights-driven strategy and modernized platform for business decision-making
  • We can realize this target state through Cognizant Data Modernization-BigDecisions - a ready-made platform with pre-built business apps alternatively engineering it using the Data Foundry (IDW), a set of AI/ML embedded frameworks and studios, which enable building the next gen digital data platform.

    Data Foundry - Intelligent Data Works

    Data Foundry (Intelligent Data Works), the “Asset to Build” is our Azure cloud native development environment that helps clients accelerate the modernization of their data, leveraging their current software investments.

    Overview of studios

  • Intelligent Migration Studio (IMS)- An end-to-end Technology Migration Accelerator
  • Data Ingestion Foundry (DIF)- A metadata driven autonomous data ingestion foundry
  • Responsive Data Modeling Studio (RDS)- Automatically generate data models, perform impact analysis and self-correct the mapping
  • Data Integration Studio (DIS)- Effective end-to-end life cycle of data integration
  • Data Services Studio (DSS)- Automates the delivery of data
  • Data Validation Studio (DVS)- Automate and manage E2E Cloud/ ETL /Big Data QA value chain
  • DevOps Studio (DOS)- DevOps capabilities across E2E Data Management value chain
  • Data Modernization - Start to Finish

  • Cognizant Data Modernization provided faster time to market by 30-70%, reduction in total cost of data by 40%, with the customers realizing the value in 3-6 months.
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