Smart Surveillance

โดย Concept Realization And IT Solutions P Ltd

Artificial Intelligence Transforming Surveillance.

CCTV Surveillance has assumed enormous importance in the wake of terror attacks and other criminal activities. This has led to a big global demand for surveillance systems. Today, this heavy demand is met by qualified and unqualified surveillance system equipment vendors without complying with service requirements. This results in the system components remaining unhealthy most of the time unnoticed. Ironically the people responsible for the surveillance system even come to know only when they start searching for video evidence which may not be available at that time. Thus, there emerged a need to automate device monitoring, backup, video pattern monitoring of CCTV Surveillance system.

Smart Surveillance platform offers various components to seamlessly close gaps in CCTV Surveillance System through AI.

Key benefits

  • Improving the availability and efficiency of CCTV Surveillance system and components.

  • Secondary video backup local and to secure cloud.

  • Central Monitoring with workflows for functional monitoring & incident management.

  • Vision AI with real-time alerts automating anomaly monitoring.