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Madison is an industrial chatbot for the maintenance, repair, and operation of complex equipment

Contextere is transforming the future of work by combining data extraction, machine learning, and natural language processing to deliver actionable intelligence to the last tactical mile. Contextere helps companies navigate the fourth industrial revolution, increase productivity, and address the global skills shortage.

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Our flagship product 'Madison' is an industrial chatbot for the maintenance, repair and operations. Madison provides real-time intelligence and decision support to frontline employees who are sustaining and maintaining critical platforms and equipment. Available on your desktop, tablet or mobile device Madison enables:

  • Real-time Question-Answering & Contextual Insights
  • Quick Document & Data Access
  • Safety Alerts & Notifications
  • Troubleshooting Support & Procedural Guidance
  • Live IoT & Sensor Data
  • Team Collaboration & Knowledge Sharing

Imagine having conversations with equipment about error codes, service bulletins, live data or past performance. Currently, it’s estimated that as much as 60% of an industrial worker's time is ‘non-productive time (NPT) in large part due to a lack of access to enterprise data, asset information and elusive tribal knowledge. The impact is escalating costs, equipment downtime, and the potential for catastrophic failure.

Putting real-time operational intelligence in the hands of employees leads to enhanced decision-making, increased productivity and higher asset utilization. With Madison companies see many operational benefits including but not limited to:

  • Reduce the time spent looking for information by 75%
  • Double ‘time on tool’
  • Decrease troubleshooting time by >50%
  • Reduce technical escalations by >50%
  • Accelerate time to proficiency by 3X
  • Increase first-time right execution by 20%