โดย Crane KFT.

Marketing investment screening, and optimisation platform for serious players.

MIS, "Marketing Investment Screening by Crane" is a multiplatform marketing monitoring and optimization tool, customized to your company and challenges. It manages to collect data from all avaliable media and marketing platforms (even TV, and plan data for campaigns) via custom feeds. No marketing system is too special to be connected to MIS. Once the data is in place, our state of the art analytical model does it's job, and calculates business metrics, based on custom KPIs tailored to your business. This is then visualized in custom PowerBI for maximum impact and overview capabilities. Average results of the MIR launch with our clients: - 30% of effeciency increase (get more for your marketing budget, or reach the targets for less) - 2 FTE saved in an average sized marketing team - Reporting tasks are reduced to minutes instead of days - Yearly marketing planning takes a week instead of months Features of MIR: - Real time monitoring of marketing from various platforms - Media plans, and actual results can be seen side by side - Highly customizable analytical model to support your business KPIs - Intelligent alert system to let you know immediatly, if something is wrong - Connect easily to Microsoft Machine Learning services to harness the power of AI, in your daily workflow How it works? 1. Data is collected continously via secure API/ FTP connections, or inserted directly into the model via spreadsheets. 2. ETL is provided by Azure Cloud 3. Transformed and unified data is inserted to our patented analytical model, tailored to your business KPIs 4. Results are visualized in a unique PowerBI solution, with highly customizable rights management. MIR is always unique, and tailored to your business. This is no boxed product, it takes time and effort from both parties to make it work, but then it works better than any avaliable solution out there.