Digital Trust Platform

โดย Craxel Inc

Craxel's Data Management Solution based on Searchable Encryption Enables Enterprise Data Innovation

Craxel offers a revolutionary foundation to keep data safe, accessible and organized, enabling enterprises to thrive in the digital economy. The Craxel Digital Trust Platform enables companies to organize, share, search, and make securely accessible massive volumes of encrypted data. Asymmetric Risk is eliminated because hackers cannot access valuable data with minimal effort – data stays encrypted at all times. Due to breakthroughs in searchable encryption, the Craxel encrypted distributed indexing technology provides incredibly fast and functional search of strongly encrypted data without exposing the keys to the server. These breakthroughs provide the foundation for enterprises to safely unlock the potential of their data, and access new ways to grow their business. The Black Forest Digital Trust Platform with searchable encryption enables the only high performant, production-ready solution where data stays encrypted at rest, in use, and in transit. With Craxel’s Black Forest Digital Trust Platform™ your data is always encrypted and searchable, with the keys never being exposed to the server or the network.  Craxel’s platform de-risks data security, privacy, integrity, and regulatory noncompliance (GDPR, etc.) across use cases, in a scalable and cost efficient manner