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NEO is learning management system for schools and universities

NEO is a learning management system (LMS) that helps schools manage and create all classroom activities, such as creating and delivering educational content, assessing students, tracking their results, and promoting communication and collaboration between students and teachers/faculty. NEO is a product of CYPHER LEARNING, a company that specializes in providing learning platforms for organizations around the world.

Our clients include individual teachers, schools, universities, and districts. NEO caters to schools from both K-12 and Higher Ed that have various profiles. NEO is highly customizable and easy to adjust to suit any grade level. Many of the NEO features can be enabled or disabled to suit young children through to college students. Check these pages for more details on how NEO works for K-12 and Higher Ed institutions.

NEO was designed to ensure a smooth implementation and it’s easily adopted by students, teachers, and parents. We offer support for 40+ languages, mobile apps for all devices, and accessibility features so all users can enjoy the platform.

We provide a complete solution for creating and managing all teaching and learning activities, with indispensable features for any academic institution such as content authoring, a powerful gradebook, 15 assessment types, gamification, learning paths, collaboration tools, analytics and reporting, and more.

We’re also focused on bringing innovation into education through our platform, by adding cutting-edge functionalities that other systems do not support such as automation, adaptive learning, AI-powered recommendations engine, and more.

CYPHER LEARNING has a strong partnership with Microsoft as NEO integrates with many Microsoft tools such as MS Teams, Immersive Reader, OneDrive, OneNote, and more. For more details about the Microsoft tools available in NEO, click here.

To provide even more flexibility for schools and universities, NEO will soon have available a version of the platform hosted on Microsoft Azure, so that any academic institution that's looking to integrate MS Tools into their classroom activities, but also use the Microsoft Cloud to store their data, can do so easily by using NEO.  

For more details about NEO, take a tour here