Azure SQL Datawarehouse for Enterprises

โดย Data Semantics Pvt Ltd

A Cloud-based Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) especially designed for disparate data sources.

Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse offers complex query processing and powers high-performance analytics ensuring that the Data Warehouse becomes the single source of truth for our data and your business insights. The solution uses Microsoft Azure products Azure Data Warehouse, Azure Data Factory and Azure Analysis Services to implement a high-performance, secure and compliant cloud data warehouse. Azure SQL Data Warehouse is the SQL analytics platform which lets you scale compute and storage elastically. Seamlessly integrate SQL Data Warehouse with big data stores and create a hub for your data marts and cubes—to drive highly tailored, enterprise-grade performance, while leveraging your existing SQL and BI skills. Azure SQL Data Warehouse solution offers guaranteed 99.9 percent availability, regulatory compliance, advanced security features and tight integration with upstream and downstream services so you can build a data warehouse which fits your organization needs. Upgrade your data warehousing by implementing the Azure SQL Data Warehouse for Enterprises solution for faster, reliable and organized reporting systems.