DataVisor Device Intelligence for Mobile and Web

โดย DataVisor

Stop fraud at the device.

DataVisor Device Intelligence is a cutting-edge device intelligence solution that is designed for addressing threats from device manipulations particularly bot traffic and those that target mobile applications. Leveraging DataVisor’s deep rooted expertise in big data security, DataVisor Device Intelligence collects device data at the source to detect compromised devices resulting from emulators, rooted devices and repackaged apps.

Malicious Devices Detection

Secure your business from fast-evolving mobile attacks.

Capture sophisticated attack techniques such as emulators, botnets, app cloners, repackaged apps and more – even when fraudsters are using the latest versions to attack. Rely on DataVisor’s proprietary technologies to make accurate distinctions between trusted devices and those evidencing prognostic signs of manipulated devices.

Consistent Device IDs

Detect malicious devices even when fraudsters change device IDs.

Generate consistent device identifications by leveraging advanced machine learning algorithms and taking a holistic approach to analyzing abnormal signals and extensive device information. Deliver a unique device ID for each device, no matter how — and in what ways — fraudsters might uninstall apps, reset devices or change device parameters.

Real-time Device Intelligence

Power your detection with data collected from the source.

Collect accurate and extensive intelligence from mobile devices (Android and iOS) and webpages. Gather hundreds of data fields in real time regarding device info, operating system, network, time stamp, languages, user agents and more. Protect customer privacy and comply with regulations by not collecting personally identifiable information (PII) data.

Advanced Device Scores and Reputation

Make confident decisions with powerful signals.

Deliver accurate signals – such as the number of app re-installation, whether the device is rooted/hooked – to provide invaluable intelligence for rules engines or machine learning engines. Generate trustworthy device scores by holistically analyzing diverse fields and signals empowering organizations to make rapid decisions based on how suspicious the devices are.