DataVisor Enterprise ML for Fraud and AML

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Proactively stop digital fraud and money-laundering.

DataVisor Enterprise ML integrates different signals, third-party data, and heterogeneous data sources to deliver the most superior fraud detection and minimize financial loss. Powered by an extensive array of tools and machine learning approaches, that include Unsupervised and Supervised Learning, rules engine, fraud feature library and global intelligence network, DataVisor Enterprise ML delivers a holistic fraud prevention strategy to combat the speed, scale, and sophistication of modern fraud.

Unsupervised Machine Learning Engine for Advanced Detection

Capture new attacks fast. Detect incubating fraud early.

Proactively detect unknown and emerging threats with the power of proprietary unsupervised machine learning (UML). There’s no need for labeled data – DataVisor’s UML engine uses advanced clustering and graph analysis techniques to identify correlated groups of fraudulent activities and bot attacks in real time. It provides early detection by capturing incubation accounts before any damage occurs. By identifying fraudulent clusters – not just anomalies or outliers – DataVisor Enterprise ML reduces false positives and delivers extremely accurate results.

Complex Digital Data Management

Leverage unstructured data. Discover insightful patterns.

Integrate heterogeneous data from various channels and sources across the organization in real time, supporting SQL database, Amazon S3 and any local files. DataVisor Enterprise ML dynamically derives hundreds of enriched features from unstructured and structured data, including IP addresses, emails, user names, timestamps, device information, transaction, user events and more. Using the power of digital data and enriched features, DataVisor Enterprise ML uncovers hard-to-surface patterns and increases detection performance.

Advanced Fraud Analytics and Case Management

Make confident decisions. Boost review efficiency.

Analyze fraud techniques and monitor fraud trends over time, and gain valuable insights with detailed reason codes. DataVisor Enterprise ML boosts operational efficiency by enabling you to take automatic actions with accurate results and make bulk decisions on hundreds of correlated cases. Investigate complex cases and uncover sophisticated patterns efficiently using Knowledge Graph to visualize multidimensional connections among entities, groups and money flow.