DataVisor Enterprise Lite for Fraud and Risk Ops

โดย DataVisor

Next generation rules and feature engineering for risk operations.

DataVisor Enterprise Lite combines the simplicity of conventional rules analysis with modern machine learning to deliver an enterprise-class solution ready for runtime production environment. With Enterprise Lite, fraud and risk teams can adapt to novel fraud patterns, identify business risks, and catch internal business violations with control, agility, and scalability.

Enriched Attributes and Advanced Rules

Detect sophisticated risks and anomaly patterns — in an instant.

Create advanced attributes and rules on the fly to address new threat types in minutes, without help from IT. Your Ops team can detect sophisticated threats and anomaly patterns by leveraging hundreds of out-of-box attributes powered by DataVisor’s domain expertise, or effortlessly build powerful velocity attributes using UI or coding. Turn new rules live immediately with one click for instant protection.

Powerful Rule Analytics and Testing

Ensure your rules perform optimally — every time.

Backtesting or forward testing — DataVisor’s powerful rule analytics and testing features have your Ops team covered. Run backtesting on historical data with full flexibility to choose the data’s timestamp and sample set. Forward test rules by publishing them in temporary test mode or on an ongoing basis to gather stats. Your team can track rule performance and detected accounts continuously and over time, using visualized insights and advanced rule analytics.

Case Management and Knowledge Graph

Comprehend complex cases quickly. Manage your team expertly.

Boost review efficiency and make confident decisions with comprehensive case management. Enterprise Lite makes it easy to investigate and understand complex cases quickly, uncovering sophisticated patterns with speed and efficiency. The Knowledge Graph lets you visualize multidimensional connections among entities, groups and money flow, so you can analyze attack techniques and monitor risk trends over time. You’ll gain valuable insights with detailed reason codes, and benefit from advanced user access control, productivity tracking and a complete history of activities for effective team management.