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Sales Commission Tracking Software


Our mission is to deliver affordable, customized enterprise-level commission tracking software for the most innovative businesses around the world.

One unified solution
Sales, Finance and HR can work together to define the business rules that govern incentive plans, and easily implement them with automated calculation processes.

A lot of companies don’t find a commission tracking software to be a necessary investment for their business. When it comes to deciding on an appropriate commission tracking method, there are certainly a lot of options. This is exactly the moment when choosing a commission tracking software is the best choice.

Calculating and tracking commissions using different spreadsheets is not an efficient or effective way to pay commissions clearly when you have a big sales team. Plus, your sales people deserve transparency in what they get as a commission, how will you provide that?

Maybe one of your problems while tracking commissions is that you have a big amount of order lines per day, and these can have impact on sales reps’ payout because of the high volume of transactions. Doing this manually is gradually increasing administrative costs and time.

How much time does your team spend doing that? Do that instantly without taking hours of valuable time

Now imagine you made a mistake on your spreadsheet. Your team will have to redo calculations, which will cause one or more people to spend valuable time trying to manually figure out the proper commissions to pay out. This is just the commission tracking and calculating part of the process; but what about creating a commission report? It certainly takes an incredible amount of time to manually prepare the correct reports commission reports. Just imagine being able to retrieve a list of reports instantly without spending hours of precious time.

A commission tracking software will enable you to enhance your commission structure in a way no manual system could. With a commission tracking software, your sales reps will be able to see their commission statement with all detailed information. This will lead to clear and concise communication of the sales commission process and accurate commission payments, which will increase your sales team’s trust and reduce sales people turnover. Remember that motivated, happy people make for a successful company.

Automating your commission tracking process with the right software will help your team completely understand their sales performance and commissions. You will never rely on a single person for commission knowledge, everyone will have information and data handy and easy to find. We can say that your sales team will get full assistance in tracking their commissions, allowing them to spend more time closing deals and fulfilling their sales quotas.