Tondo Smart Street Lighting Solution

โดย Cloud of Things - IoT Corp.

Tondo smart connected street lighting solution, supports a wide range of sensors, fastest to install

Tondo – Lighting the road to Smart City

Tondo is a smart lighting solution for smart cities, based on IoT technology. Using Tondo, cities can remotely create lighting scenarios, control the streetlights and improve maintenance. These capabilities lead to saving energy and operational costs.

IoT Edge Gateway

Using advanced technological capabilities, our smart lighting controllers turns every streetlight into an IoT Edge Gateway. Each Tondo supports a local network of sensors and controls that become part of a vast Tondo-powered smart city network of networks. All the sensors are managed by our cloud-based management system which includes analytics capabilities, triggers, alerts and events. Whether its pollution monitoring, traffic adaptive lighting or holiday lighting control; Tondo turns each lighting pole into a strategic assets for the city.


Tondo’s smart lighting controller is a plug and play solution. Simply connect a Tondo to any outdoor lighting fixture and our patent-pending technology takes over, automatically configuring and locating it with no operator intervention needed. Within seconds of turning on, the Tondo appears on the dashboard map, ready to operate. The result is greatly reduced time, cost and complexity for installs and quicker time to revenue!

Secure and scalable

Tondo’s infrastructure is based on Azure cloud and globally deployable to meet the unique legal and regulatory demands of any project. Our open APIs make integration with carrier and customers systems in a snap. Designed and built around end to end security – including state of the art cryptographic hardware in the Tondo smart lighting controller is secure by design.