MagNews Multichannel Marketing Suite

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A customer data-driven solution for multichannel marketing automation, web and social engagement.

The MagNews suite designed to meet all Multichannel Digital Marketing needs. It contains powerful and flexible tools to engage your target audience with content and actions across multiple channels, and along every phase of the Customer Journey.
For a comprehensive customer view, MagNews integrates with all data sources allowing you to leverage all your systems’ stored information over time and in real-time.
Additionally, the MagNews Suite provides you with a set of modules to enable you to build and manage complex multichannel marketing strategies, direct marketing campaigns, social lead acquisition and advertising, content and web personalization, and product recommendations.
We deliver messages and contents via Email, SMS, Push, Social Ads and Web.
The MagNews Suite Modules include:

Create, organize and monitor your contact databases and all related processes such as data enrichment, profiling, management of subscriptions, cancellations and consent tracking. MagNews connects to multiple databases, target groups and other contact data stored in your business environment.

Manage your marketing campaigns and communications within a single integrated environment.
Send one-to one-emails, bulk messages or transactional messages. SMS messages can be sent with traced links and geographic rules worldwide.

Transform your project from a simple idea into a practical workflow in just minutes. Create events, conditions and actions while generating countless scenarios. Events define which contacts will enter the workflow, conditions enable you to map a contact to follow a specific path, and actions allow you to automate functions to enhance engagement and conversions.

Turn your website into a truly interactive, personalized and engaging touchpoint to collect information, acquire leads, provide relevant personalized content and product recommendations.

Collect Leads from Facebook Ads, export custom audiences and create lookalike campaigns.

Our readily available connectors include Magento, Prestashop, Dynamics and Salesforce.
Basic Connectors include the ability to import eCommerce/CRM contacts, insert eCommerce products into your communications, and create campaign target lists from your CRM. Advanced Connectors allow for the complete integration of your eCommerce or CRM.

Build beautiful and highly customizable surveys with multiple choice, open-ended questions and NPS-like formats.

Visualize your campaign with fully customizable KPIs. review delivery and performance data in real-time, apply aggregated and detailed statistics on contacts, view profiled data, conversion tracking reports, SMS tracking and more.