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Business Process Management tool

I&D Portal it’s a Complete End to End IIM platform that streamlines business processes to help companies embrace true digital transformation, saving costs, time and resources coping with security control and compliance, is a platform developed by Digipro, intended to help companies in the financial sector evolve to the digital world by making their processes more efficient and secure.

 Key Benefits

Trackability in operations

Easy to operate

Easy workflow configuration


Integrable with other applications

Custom image


Electronic formats

Quickly originate an account or a credit through our platform that has dynamic electronic formats.

Optical character recognition

Quickly capture customers information using character recognition.


Validate customers information online with third-party information (INE, Renapo, Cofetel, SAT), mobile phone number and email.


Capture biometric customers information (fingerprint, facial and voice recognition).


Originate the opening of an account or credit on the field on any Android or IOS device.

Video call

Contact the customer directly through a video call to your mobile device, as part of your customer record.

Analytical engine

Accurate information at the right time

Our platform gives you all the necessary information gathered by your staff on the field, related to the efficiency of your promoters, critical fields, abandonment, etc.


The customer can make the process on any device, interrupting it and continuing on another device without losing the data captured at the beginning.

This application available ONLY in Spanish