DotAlign Cloud

โดย DotAlign, Inc.

DotAlign Cloud - relationship insights for the enterprise cloud

DotAlign Cloud is a solution that analyzes Office365 mailbox data (messages, calendar entries and contact cards) and provides up-to-date contact information and relationship intelligence based on that data. The solution is single tenant and is deployed and hosted on your, i.e. the customer’s Azure tenant. All data storage and processing happen there. No user data leaves your Azure tenant.

While DotAlign Cloud is relevant for a wide variety of industries, professional services like financial services, law firms and commercial real estate firms can especially benefit from it. DotAlign Cloud helps deliver cost savings by keeping contact information up to date automatically. It can help extract more value from your firms CRM investments. 

DotAlign Cloud can also help deliver top line value by surfacing the right relationship at the right time, helping maximize the chance of winning new business. 

The most common business use cases DotAlign Cloud helps solve are as follows.

Core relationship, who knows who
Do we know any senior executives at Reed Erasmus?
Does Susan have any warm MD-level relationships we could leverage?
Does any colleague know Bruce Leung?
What founder relationships do we have?
Can I get a relationship report for a list of leads?

Contact and interaction stats
What is Andrea Laughlin’s latest contact information?
When did we last reach out to Sam Roberts?

Data control/API
Can I control what I share with my colleagues?
Can I bring this data into our CRM and in-house apps?