DEvent SaaS


DEvent Risk and Capital modelling platform

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DYNACSYS - Dynamic Actuarial System

Dynacsys is a professional service company that helps insurance or financial organizations to address Risk and Financial issues.
We propose an innovative modelling software (DEvent) which allows insurance companies to efficiently calculate their reserves with respect to Solvency 2, ORSA or IFRS 17.

We can help you to make effective use of available capital, meet regulatory requirements, and protect shareholder value.
Large insurance players already trust us and have integrated our solution in their modelling process.

DEvent Modelling tool
DEvent is a powerful modelling system designed for advanced financial and actuarial analysis modelling platform. It's a risk modelling framework / dynamic financial analysis (DFA) tool for strategic decision-making.

DEvent provides an extremely easy-to-use graphical interface enabling users to quickly build models and run analyses for a variety of financial decisions.

DEvent can be used for a wide variety of purposes including:

  • Economic capital
  • Embedded values - EEV, EV
  • Asset/Liability Modelling and Stochastic projections for risk-based capital
  • Product pricing and design
  • Financial reporting
  • Hedging
  • P&C Reserve modelling
  • Strategic Assets Allocation

DEvent main functionnalities

  • Bussiness Oriented Modelling - DEvent helps you to build up a comprehensive view of your business using a graphical front-end interface.
  • Flexible Modelling Framework - Easy integration to your ERM (Enterprise Risk Management) environment. Enhanced Authentication and Authorization system.
  • Support a wide range of business - Support both life and non-life (Property & Casualty) modelling.
  • Performances - Models are written in C++ and are compatible with GRID/Cloud/SaaS Technologies.