TwinWorX® Centralized Monitoring and Control of Facilities

โดย e-Magic Inc.

Meet Sustainability Goals: Monitor, Visualize, Control and Optimize assets

Companies want to meet their ESG goals and sustainability targets while at the same time improve performance and efficiency of their buildings, assets and infrastructure. However, many face problems with legacy OT, getting access to disparate data sources, a lack of visibility and increasing cybersecurity threats.

TwinWorX® enables companies to see operational information and insights that support monitoring, managing and reporting on sustainability initiatives like energy reduction, carbon reduction, and water and waste management.

TwinWorX® is scalable, secure and high-availability platform that integrates and normalizes all telemetry data from assets into a Single Pane of Glass enabling real-time monitoring and command and control of these systems. Analytical insights from reports, ML and AI support alarming, trending, and optimization of energy use, asset/equipment performance and operational efficiencies. Additionally customers can use the TwinWorX® data provider for Microsoft Sustainability Manager for reporting carbon emissions based on real-time date like actual energy consumption.

TwinWorX® runs on the edge and in the Microsoft Azure Cloud on e-Magic’s or the customer’s tenant. It supports DTDL along with open international standards for asset tagging, data acquisition and normalization. Applications for the

TwinWorX® platform include Centralized Operations, Smart Buildings and Smart Cities, Facilities, Manufacturing, and Industrial production.

TwinWorX® technology accelerates your time to value, reduces implementation costs, and reduces project risk. The software provisions devices quickly, aggregates and processes data efficiently and enables control effectively. Less time and money is spent engineering project-specific requirements and customers get to insights and benefits faster. TwinWorX® is scalable and adaptable to meet the specific requirements of our customers’ asset programs. Because we align to open standards our customers are never locked-in to proprietary technologies and they can easily integrate to other solutions built on the same open standards.

Our customers can realize benefits such as:

  • Increased visibility to energy and operations that impact carbon emissions, water consumption and waste.
  • Normalized data foundation to support Scope 1, 2, 3 emissions tracking / reporting
  • Reduced Capital and operational costs on building equipment & maintenance
  • Reduced energy costs and improve energy utilization, reduce carbon, GHG
  • Less downtime and reduced maintenance costs caused by unplanned maintenance
  • Increased Operational efficiencies, improved processes and automated workflows
  • Extended Asset Life, Improved Equipment lifecycle