e[datascientist] platform

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AI-augmented knowledge discovery platform revealing insights from microbiome interactions

Broaden the potential for innovation while radically reducing time to insight and maximize the value of data from existing research.

The e[datascientist] is a scalable and secure AI-augmented microbiome analysis platform providing scientists with opportunities for knowledge discovery and insight generation.

Eagle Genomics’ e[datascientist]™ provides:

  • Easy to use SaaS platform guiding scientists through the complete journey from data upload, integration, processing, analysis, visualisation through to insight generation.
  • Enrichment of experimental data with associated metadata and external data sources.
  • Best in class bioinformatic analysis pipelines offering transparent analysis and configurable customisable parameters for tailored insights
  • User friendly microbiome analysis tools to perform exploratory and statistical data analysis, diversity, and differential abundance analyses.
  • Scientific workflows to perform network inference, comparison, and visualisation, enabling increased insight generation.
  • ISO -compliant centralised and secure platform to upload and analyse multiple datasets to reliably generate results for comparison using the standardised pipelines and workflows.

Why innovate with the e[datascientist]

Enterprise organizations in food, personal care, agritech and healthcare are today facing challenges such as:
  • Inability to turn ever-growing quantities of data into actionable insights that could transform product decision-making
  • Storing vast microbiome and genomic datasets often in silos with no consistency or context
  • Limited shared knowledge between teams, resulting in studies being repeated, often at cost to companies

Key Benefits:

  • Support product claims - Provides data-driven validation, ensuring credibility and reduced risks of unsubstantiated claims
  • Improve R&D effectiveness - Enables focused research by quickly deriving actionable insights, leading to optimised resource allocation.
  • Reduce time to market for new products and repurposing of assets – Offers efficient data management for rapid product development and potential repurposing opportunities
  • Improved collaboration and communication between users and teams – Ensures consistent data access across teams, fostering clarity and reducing miscommunications with real-time collaboration tools.


Trial – 3 month subscription includes access to features with limits on storage and compute resources. Option to upgrade to Standard or Advanced after trial

Standard – annual subscription

Advanced – annual subscription

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Example Explorations e[datascientist] can help you with:
  • Which diets induce changes in the gut microbiome to give more energy?
  • Which natural ingredients can be used to replace synthetic compounds in a toothpaste?
  • A combination of which risk factors cause a severe reaction to COVID-19?

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