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CABiQ is a cloud-based solution for regulators of taxi and ride sharing services in cities.

Taxi regulations are costly. Many of the expenses are the result of maintaining in-the-field staff to enforce regulations, but this cost can be significantly reduced by streamlining the regulation requirements into a CABiQ digital system. The administrative regulatory burdens placed on taxi companies, including recording trips, collecting taxes, and licensing, can be integrated too. And digitally tracking all trips and the locations of cabs at all times and launching digital apps that allow customers to rate taxi drivers or report complains and concerns, automates regulation. The core of CABiQ is a centralized cloud data hub that collects trip information from digital meters. This infrastructure allows "for-hire" vehicle regulators to efficiently handle record keeping and administrative tasks, and respond to regulatory complaints, with a host of easily analyzable data. The data hub reduces the need for staff in the field to perform enforcement checks - many of these tasks can be performed remotely with CABiQ. BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE CABiQ provides BI capabilities, capable of processing large amounts of data. In order for the business user to drill down, explore, and answer to business questions, CABiQ also incorporates an intuitive dashboard interface with charts providing real-time information on top of Microsoft Power BI infrastructure. Some of CABiQ reports include: - Driver records including names, addresses, date of birth, and contact information - Fleet size and structure, with details such as vehicle type/manufacturer - Trip activity - Lost and found data—statistics, retrieval counts, and trends - Customer complaint case tracking, and open and closure rates, time to close, and historical reports - Impounded vehicle reports—reasons and dynamics. - Map-based insights into pick-up and drop-off locations, as well as under-served areas