SmartEYE™: REAL-TIME Factory Floor Data Collection w/ Edge Analytics w/ AI/ML-Capabilities (1,800+ Sensor Options); ERP/ MRP/ MES/ BI Integration

โดย Ectron Corp

SmartEYE™ REAL-TIME Factory Floor Data Collection, Asset/Process Monitoring w/ Edge Analytics +Cloud

SmartEYE™ is an IIoT-based factory 4.0 solution that provides a 360-degree view of operations including machines, personnel, processes and energy use with 24x7 continuous data collection and analytics from the factory floor or outdoors. SmartEYE™ is compatible with over 1,800 industrial-grade sensor options, which are provided by Ectron Corporation. SmartEYE™ can also collect data from various sources such as MTconnect from machines, SCADA, PLC or DCS systems and merge it with sensor data. With SmartEYE™, you get REAL-TIME data collection, data analytics and Machine Learning on-the-Edge, with data selected by you (and integrated per your specifications) streamed to the Cloud for further analytics and storage. Moreover, SmartEYE™ is not a static model-based solution but learns and evolves with two-way communication (to and from the Cloud) and Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning on the Edge. This significant differentiator makes SmartEYE™ an ideal plug-and-play solution for manufacturers, System Integrators and software data analytics companies that could benefit from access to real-time, streaming data of any kind.

When used in conjunction with Microsoft Azure, you get hierarchical dashboards, the ability to connect various machines into a workflow and the power BI reporting APP, which can be modified to fit your needs. Moreover, data collected can be integrated with any ERP/ MRP/ MES/ BI solution. As such, users can monitor up to several hundred data points in real-time, allowing them to make accurate and precise decisions that facilitate OPEX reduction, product improvement and revenue growth. Whatever problem you are trying to solve, whatever data you need to solve it... with over 1,800 industrial-grade sensor options, SmartEYE™ can be customized to be an efficient, precise and affordable solution. SmartEYE™ can be deployed for one or more machines, manufacturing lines, cells or the entire plant. SmartEYE™ can also be deployed in outdoor junction boxes. SmartEYE™ can be scaled up or down to match project requirements and budgets.

SmartEYE™ is powered by Ectron's Intelligent Edge Node, which includes its proprietary, rugged Microsoft-Azure certified Edge computers with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities. All hardware components required to operate SmartEYE™ are supplied and maintained by Ectron for no additional charge during the subscription term (including Ectron's proprietary Edge computer(s), networking hub(s) and industrial-grade sensor(s)). By partnering with Microsoft, Arrow Electronics, Balluff and AMD, Ectron is able to offer this affordable, plug-and-play, end-to-end IIoT solution that can monitor and track almost any KPI in REAL-TIME including equipment, processes or personnel.

Equipment Monitoring
  • Builds a machine model, then sends real-time alerts for deviations affecting product quality/output
  • Monitors equipment features functionality for predictive maintenance
  • Monitors machine usage for production scheduling

Environmental Monitoring
  • Monitors plant environmental conditions to show correlations to equipment functionality & product output/quality

Product/Process Compliance Monitoring
  • Confirms all desired KPIs of product quality
  • Tracks production time and cost (including energy usage)
  • Compares equipment efficiencies with different materials
  • Confirms source of any product or production deviations
  • Runs simulations to determine the impact of changes to any monitored equipment or process

Personnel Efficiency Tracking
  • Monitors task length
  • Runs efficiency models with staff changes
  • Compares efficiency of personnel performing similar tasks

  • Single vendor solution
  • Installed in weeks, NO interruption to production
  • No in-house IT staff required
  • Fixed, Monthly Fee