TradeEdge Market Connect

โดย EdgeVerve Systems Ltd

A channel data acquisition and harmonization platform

TradeEdge Market Connect is an automated two-way data exchange platform that enables the acquisition of sales, order, inventory, invoice, or similar information from their channel partners and delivers the same to the manufacturers, whose brands they sell. The data exchange can be configured to accept data from these partners in multiple formats such as Excel, CSV, and fixed length formats. It also facilitates the transfer of such data through multiple means, via a secure FTP, as an email attachment, browser upload, etc. The data exchange technology is complemented by a shared service offering. When partners don’t send data on time, it follows up with them over emails and calls to ensure compliance and timeliness. The data exchange can also be used to send data from the company to its trading partners on aspects such as new products, pricing and promotion information. It can easily scale from acquiring distributor data in emerging markets to point-of-sale data from large modern retailers in developed markets. The application enables seamless automated data exchange and processing between several trade partners, by providing cleansed, validated, transformed, and enriched data for business decisions, analytics, and reporting. 

TradeEdge Market Connect Enables Profitable Growth for Brands
  • Know their markets better
  • Reach customers faster
  • Drive costs lower