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ElectroNeek RPA platform for business process automation

ElectroNeek is an end-to-end intelligent automation platform that lets business users with no prior IT skills analyze employee productivity,discover automation opportunities and build software robots to automate repetitive tasks. 

The ElectroNeek automation journey starts with inviting business users to the web-based platform, where they can download ElectroNeek Robot and begin collecting data on individual automation opportunities. The aggregated data and automation recommendations are available for the designated business users and admins in online People Dashboard and Automation Hub. 

Authorized users can download on-premise ElectroNeek Studio to build and execute automated workflows. Platform admins can then manage and control the execution of automated business processes with the ElectroNeek Orchestrator.

Analyze productivity

  • Monitor how your employees interact with different software to understand the share of repetitive routine that can be automated
    • Understand productivity and commonly used software
    • Start with a company view and drill down to teams and individuals
    Discover processes

    • Find and robotize inefficient processes that drain your productivity and time
    • Learn more about your employees' routine
    • Start with one process and let ElectroNeek discover automation opportunities.Automate desktop

    Automate desktop

    • Allow robots to emulate human actions and accurately finish desktop tasks up to 100 times faster than humans can

    • Focus on high-value tasks without distractions
    • Use the full potential of corporate system capabilities
    Automate browsers

      • Easily automate a simple process with a browser without the need to learn to code
      • Implement Web Picker to collect the information you need from the Internet
      • Eliminate mistakes with managing and storing web data
      Automate docs
      • Transfer any information from scanned documents to any database (CRM, ERP) in minutes
      • Digitize scanned contracts, invoices and other documents with advanced OCR capabilities
      • Enhance data processing by taking humans out of the loop