Elitmind Feature Store for AI and Machine Learning

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Feature store is a cloud-based solution for managing machine learning features.

Feature store is a cutting-edge cloud-based solution for managing machine learning features, including the feature engineering code and the feature data.

It is commonly said that 80% of a data scientist’s time goes into data wrangling, including tasks like sourcing of data, ingestion of data, cleaning it, and featurizing.

If you want to make a change, it’s time to get to know Elitmind Feature Store for AI and Machine Learning!

A well-defined feature store makes features available in one place, which is incredibly time-efficient. It also promotes team collaboration, reuse, and leads to faster model experimentation and inference outcome.

You can optimize Time To Value by identifying bottlenecks and common patterns in Data Science Processes.

Solution benefits overview:

All in one place

Feature Store is a central vault for storing documented, curated, and access-controlled features that can be used in many different ML models across the company.


Connect data from various sources like data warehouse or data lake. Ingest your data by executing defined transformations, aggregation, validation, and other operations to transtransform your data into features in Feature Store

Serve data

A feature store registers available features and makes them ready to be discovered and consumed by ML training pipelines and inference services. Retrieve feature data with low latency and use for online prediction.

Time travel

Use your features to train models with data from any point in time. Feature Store supports time-travel queries, by storing all updates enabling queries on old values for features.