Health Intelligence Platform™

โดย Empericus LLC

Experience the All-In-One SaaS-based Health Intelligence Platform™

Health Intelligence Platform is a revolutionary platform in evidence-based patient care and athlete management. We aren't just changing the game, we're creating a new one. Imagine a clearer path, where all relevant data is brought to life, controlled and secured by its owner. Critical intelligence provided in the moments that matter the most to make the best care decisions. Join the Health Intelligence™ Revolution Now. Built on top of Microsoft Azure, provides the ability for an athlete or a patient to have a longitudinal view about their Medical Records, Health & Wellness Records and Performance & Training Records. Furthermore, provides a unique, patent pending, configurable algorithm using Microsoft Azure AI which allows the generation of a Readiness Index for Training or Competition and event a Health Index when in the realm of Exercise Medicine. Join the Health Intelligence™ Revolution Now.