SpotBay - Gamification and Customer engagement for lead generation.


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Gamification to customer engagement platform for increased business and lead generation

Want to motivate your customers to make purchases and become your loyal customer? Looking for a better way to capture your targeted customers attention and generate quality leads? With SpotBay the gamified customer engagement platform you can create your own customized engagement zone to increase your revenue, generate new leads for your business, and collect customer data.


  • Allows your customer to enter your virtual engagement zone simply by scanning QR placed in business premise (great way to engage your customers during their waiting period).
  • Contests played increases customer experience with the business and to build the brand name
  • Coupons/ vouchers won with contests played motivates customers to revisit and coupon redemption ensures increased business

Effective Usage

  1. On premises customer engagement
  2. Online customer engagement and acquisition.
  3. Video Contests
  4. Branding & Marketing
  5. Associate in events and promotion
  6. Send QR code brochures/Bills/coupons to customers on delivery
  7. Tournaments

Benefits of SpotBay

  1. Enhanced Customer experience
  2. Product and brand awareness
  3. Solid customer relationship management
  4. Target and re target your customers
  5. Easy customer retention
  6. Mouth publicity