Secure SAP on Azure with Fortinet

โดย EPI-USE Labs

Migrate and secure your SAP landscape to Azure with Fortinet and EPI-USE Labs.

Managing SAP, along with all the security challenges, in the cloud is tough and requires in-depth knowledge and experience in both SAP and cloud platforms. SAP migrations are not lift-and-shift, often requiring fundamental changes to operating systems, databases, network and security all of which have impact on your business. On top of which you may also be considering HANA and S/4 adding further business complications and cost.

Building on our successful SAP Cloud-Lift to Azure service, we can also provide SAP security services in partnership with Fortinet. SAP systems protected with Fortinet’s holistic coverage ensures that security policies and visibility remain unified across on-premise and hybrid cloud footprints. Fortinet eases skills gaps and correlates events through machine learning and workflow automation, multiplying the scale of basis, network, and security administrators.

EPI-USE Labs is a global SAP specialist with over 25 years of experience in providing a wide variety of niche software and service solutions to the SAP ecosystem.

This flexible service includes:

  • Fortinet network components and security services
  • SAP and Infrastructure design and consultancy
  • Expert and low friction SAP and S/4 migration
  • Delivery as an SI or within more complex service stacks
  • Leveraging our own Data Sync Manager suite providing:
Cost and SAP instance size reduction (especially HANA)
Source-side data masking

Attack surface reduction

  • Test data anonymisation and scrambling
  • Managed Services for SAP, Fortinet and Azure