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Mixed Reality Engine

Dive into mesmerizing worlds and step into brilliant new ways to interact with technology.

aurora builds new dimensions for people to experience objects with the power of Mixed Reality.

Aurora is a Mixed reality engine built using Xamarin, it is a multiple platform engine that supports transforming real world objects into Augmented and Virtual Reality 3D Content, with a simple tool management, Aurora allows customers to inject their real world view into a virtual engine.

Businesses and Educational institutes can use aurora to build VR and Mixed Reality content for their students/employees, and provide a more rich experience, for example, customers can create a virtual tour of a university to help visitors or fresh students tour the university right from their desk. the possibilities are endless with Aurora!

Part of aurora's core architecture is integration with Azure Services, Aurora allows customers to store and retrieve 3D data from Azure Storage, and perform analysis on how the app is being used by end users to fine tune and improve the experience.