Streamline and standardize field inspection operations with Everteam

everteam.inspection is a native mobile inspection software providing the tools and components for field-based workforce to improve their performance on inspections, audits and services. It provides users with access to data anywhere, at any time allowing them to perform on-site functions with their Mobile Tablets. 
The solution allows mobile personnel to view and access all work orders and scheduled jobs, and perform the required actions on their mobile devices. 
Key Benefits: 
  • Transform and replace the complex manual inspection process that requires printing and transporting sensitive files to off-site fields for manual data capture. 
  • Help field-based workforce improve their inspection performance. 
  • Accomplish comprehensive inspection operations on time. 
  • Provide accessibility, and increased visibility with instant access to information anywhere, any time. 
  • Improve overall transparency, track attendance and geo-location and monitor corruption. 

  • Mobile Inspection
  • Intuitive Inbox 
  • Notification engine. 
  • Embedded Viewer 
  • Capability to add annotations such as: pins on maps, comments, highlights, stamps, signatures and other. 
  • Bar-codes and pre-defined customizable checklists generation
  •  Reports generation
  • Attendance Logging 
  • Digital Signature 
  • Dashboards and Calendar 
  • Advanced search capabilities

 This application is available in Arabic, English and French.