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Examus — emotional intelligence for any online service

Examus has developed advanced AI proctoring solutions that prevent cheating attempts during online exams as well as monitor and control students' behavior during the examination process. 

  • Examus Proctor AI - an AI online proctoring software

  • Examus EQ – a tool, which monitors human attention and engagement during online learning or testing

Examus uses a unique Artificial Intelligence Proctoring solution with face recognition technology, fully integrated with Moodle, Canvas, Open edX, Webtutor, Stepik, StartExam, and can be implemented to any LMS. Examus Proctoring solution can be used as a software as well as a white-label online proctoring solution.

Examus has been providing proctoring solutions for leading Universities and corporate universities in Eastern Europe, Asia and the Middle East for more than 5 years. 

What Examus AI algorithms “can see”:

  • Absence of the person;

  • Face recognition;

  • Person identification;

  • Emotions recognition;

  • Unauthorised person;

  • Gaze detection;

  • Speech detection;

  • Tab change;

  • Screen Sharing, secondary monitor.

Examus team is happy to provide a free consultation about our online proctoring solution and its implementation process.