Exotel Veeno India PSTN For Microsoft teams Direct routing

โดย Exotel

India PSTN calling from Microsoft teams

Exotel Veeno India PSTN for Microsoft direct routing allows India PSTN integration with Microsoft teams & helps call PSTN numbers across India and other countries in a seamless way.

Many Indian businesses utilise Microsoft Teams daily, but struggle to enable PSTN calls due to the complex regulatory environment and a dearth of true cloud-based solutions. This necessitates costly and resource-intensive separate telephony infrastructure, which is far from ideal.

Why is a telephony integration needed on Microsoft Teams? Boosts employee productivity with 1-click calling

  1. Engage with external stakeholders on Microsoft Teams without switching devices or applications, all with 1-click.
  2. All communication data is stored in one place
  3. Aids in data management and analytics.
  4. Compliant and secure business communication
  5. Peace of mind with encrypted connectivity securing conversations

Fully regulatory compliant Microsoft team direct routing - India calling solution to meet your expectation and needs of modern work place, Work from home, Mobility for users etc.