ClusterOps Setup

โดย Fairwinds Ops, Inc.

Production-grade Kubernetes infrastructure-as-code built and fully managed on AKS.

ClusterOps Setup will build production-grade Kubernetes Clusters on AKS.

- ClusterOps delivers production-grade Kubernetes clusters in the client’s Azure environment, backed by a team of experienced DevOps Engineers.
- All ClusterOps infrastructure is built as code for easy future management.
- ClusterOps helps companies accelerate their time to adoption for AKS.

You've decided you want to use Kubernetes for your infrastructure, but you don't know where to start—there are just so many questions. How many clusters should you deploy? How should you separate production and non-production environments? How should you separate workloads? What if you have unique networking or deployment needs?

ClusterOps is a highly-opinionated combination of software automation and professional services to help you get started on AKS quickly and easily. You can accept our defaults out of the box, or you have a team of experienced DevOps Engineers to help build and customize the setup to meet your specific needs.

Nothing built by Fairwinds with ClusterOps is proprietary, it relies heavily on open source technology and you are not locked in in any way.