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Preventive database administration via artificial intelligence methods and practices.

Ai-DBA provides preventive administration tasks by analyzing the statistical data at the backend with the use of Machine Learning algorithms. Ai-DBA is the Cloud-based database administration services that start supporting all versions and editions. Ai-DBA covers SQL Server 2005 to 2019 On-Prem or On-Cloud, Azure SQL Database, Azure SQL Data Warehouse, and Azure SQL Managed Instance. Organizations with lots of SQL Server farms or having problematic SQL Server databases with few or no DBAs can benefit from this AI solution. Ai-DBA rectifies the database challenges such as performance, storage IO, excessive resource utilization, lack of administration and maintenance within 3-15days; and maintains the smooth database environment. Ai-DBA also makes a phone call if any critical issue occur in the SQL Server within 5seconds, and predicts database problems base on the workload and hardware events.