Effizency Sales

โดย Effizency, S.A.

Platform to accelerate B2B energy solutions sales: create accurate proposals before site surveys

Platform users are Energy Solutions Sellers (e.g. Utilities, ESCo's) 
- their internal or external sales agents that use the platform to:
  • Rapidly generate accurate energy solutions proposals for the B2B segment (e.g. Solar PV, EV Fast Chargers, Power Factor Correction)
  • Provide flexible investment options to the final clients (e.g. pay upfront, in installments, as-a-service monthly subscription) at the click of a button
  • Close deals fully online/ remote before having to conduct a technical field site survey
  • Reach more clients interested in saving in energy costs, based on the site potential for multiple energy services

The benefits of using the platform are:
  • Reduction of time in lead-to-proposal: from days or weeks needed to conduct a site survey and detailed engineering (BaU) to only minutes using the platform
  • Reduction of transactional/ commercial costs, by dramatically reducing the cost of failed sales (no site survey and detailed engineering conducted if deal is not closed)
  • Increase in sales by reaching more clients and faster with a broadband channel approach (i.e. non-specialized internal/ external sales agents selling energy solutions)