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Fortude Inrisys Learn from incidents. Ensure compliance. Improve safety at your organization.

Fortude Inrisys is an Incident Reporting System that is designed to help you ensure full compliance and safety at your organization. The platform assists you to better manager and analyze incidents that occur onsite.

How does it do this?
Learn from all hazards and incidents that occur at your organization. Through one easy-to-use system, you can report, review, and ensure full follow-up and compliance.
Inrisys can be customized to fit your requirements across different industries such as manufacturing food & beverage, engineering, retail, transportation, healthcare, and more.

What does this look like?
A 5-step wizard captures all incidents and displays it for quick review. The mobile platform allows you to receive live alerts when an incident occurs. In addition, Inrisys alerts authorities of all adverse events in real time, which improves response rates and incident resolution.

What can Fortude Inrisys do for you?
• Ensure safety & compliance
• Conduct root-cause analysis for deeper insight and better solutions
• Conduct individual, investigatory, and committee reviews
• Improved risk management