Expenses for Dynamics 365 Human Resources

โดย FourVision

Speedy and simple reimbursements with the Web App Expenses for Dynamics 365 Human Resources

Expedite the reimbursement process for employees. Built-in workflows allow employees to digitally submit expense requests with attachments for reviewal and approval/ rejection. Supports both mobile and PC-based environments.

Company expenses are frequent occurrences within a business but requesting reimbursement can easily turn into a tedious task for employees and in some cases a lengthy one. But it does not have to be. Get rid of dreary paperwork and digitalize the process.
With the Expenses Web App, employees can digitally submit expense requests with attachments and have it routed directly to the allocated manager for reviewal and approval/rejection. Within a matter of minutes, employees are well on their way for reimbursement.

Key takeaways
- Quick registration of expenses per expense type
- Submit attachments with expense requests
- Write remarks/comments with expense requests
- Track the entire approval process
- Exchange rate capabilities
- Multi-currency system
- Define expense categories [hotel, flights etc.]
- Leave commentary with approval/rejection of expense request
- Easy configuration of workflows
- Fully integrated with Power BI for real-time analytics
- Multi-device access
- GDPR Compliant