Succession Planning - Dynamics 365 HR

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Identify & develope future leaders with the Web App Succession Planning for Dynamics 365 HR

Succession planning is a process that ensures your company is prepared for the future. That way, when a key employee leaves, you already have someone in mind to fill their position.

Succession planning keeps your business moving forward during the inevitable changes that come with running a business. And such plans serve as an excellent tool for retaining your strongest performers, who often tend to be the type of employees who need to know where their career is headed.

Just like you need to know where your business is headed.

Be prepared to make succession planning an ongoing effort.

The best succession plans are living, breathing things that get reviewed and refreshed on a regular basis. It’s a process that, once you start, you need to continue. It’s something your company should revisit annually to make sure people are on track and to see if there have been any changes or movement within the organization.

Key functionality
- Overview of Talent 9-box grid for Employees, Managers, HR
- Organigram showing the status of employees ready for next move
- Direct overview of lack of skills in team overview
- Employee screen: labels for employees
- Manager screen: overview quality employee, comparing to other team members

Understand the future in your organization
You need to identify and understand the developmental needs of your employees. You must ensure that all key employees understand their career paths and the roles they are being developed to fill. You need to focus resources on key employee retention. You need to be aware of employment trends in your area to know the roles you will have a difficult time filling externally.