Vital Records Management System (VRMS)

โดย GCOM Software

VRMS is a next-generation cloud-based electronic vital event records management system.

Description: GCOM’s Vital Records Management Solution (VRMS) is a next-generation Electronic Vital Event Reporting, Issuance and Records Management System. Benefits of the solution (Customer Need): GCOM VRMS is a fully integrated solution written in Microsoft.NET technology stack and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) for tracking and managing the processes associated with registering all vital events, as well as data compilation, analysis, and dissemination, letting you focus delivering outstanding customer service. Security features include access control, encryption, secure data transmission and non-repudiation mechanisms using electronic authentication devices. Advanced Reporting Capabilities including Financial Reconciliation & Accounting. Overall it is the cost effective next generation integrated solution for Vital Records. Type of users benefits from offer: State and Local Vital Records staff including Medical examiners, Hospital staff, Funeral homes, local health departments, county registrar and Public users who wish to order or correct their vital records. Hosting Options: It offers On-Premise or Cloud hosted or Software-As-A-Service options.