Airline Safety Analytics

โดย GE Aviation

Increase flight safety and reduce risk

Help increase flight safety and reduce risk.

Safety Insights is GE Aviation’s family of products and services that help aircraft operators fly more safely. 

eFOQA (electronic flight operation quality assurance) is the leading FOQA and Flight Data Monitoring solution serving airlines around the world. Operators of all sizes choose eFOQA because it lets their employees automate manual processes including data ingestion, error correction, and statistical reporting. eFOQA goes beyond safety to include fuel efficiency reports, to help enable airlines to operate at peak safety and efficiency while reducing their carbon footprint.

C-FOQA helps business jet operators fly more safely. Using the same technology as eFOQA, GE Aviation safety experts do the heavy lifting for smaller flight departments and provide key insights into safety and areas of potential risk. Operators are benchmarked and receive all data in a simplified, modern web application. And, via our integration partners ARINCDirect and Polaris Aero, pilots and safety managers can have useful data automatically available in the tools they use daily.