Court and Justice Case Management for Azure

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Court & Justice Management Software

Casedoc is a Cloud based advanced case management system for adjudication including courts and public judicial bodies, independent courts, arbitration, tribunals, and commissions.  The Azure based solution provides a single centralized repository for all case related information, guides court participants through the adjudication processes with configurable workflows, and supports real time active collaboration. 

Casedoc provides superior time to value as the solution was designed to be Cloud first, flexible, and self-administered.  In addition, Casedoc completely integrates the functions and information needed to work and manage cases throughout the justice lifecycle such as roles, participants, responsibilities, tasks, evidence, forms, templates, correspondence, workflow, and reporting.  With Casedoc’s integrated system, justice officials are made more efficient as they are no longer switch between disparate systems, transparency is increased as end to end metrics are more easily collected, compliance and traceability are simplified as all information sits in one system, and operations and security are improved as the solution is based on Microsoft’s Azure Cloud. 

Casedoc sets a new standard in managing adjudications for courts and ADRs.  With Casedoc and the Azure Cloud, public sector organizations can work smarter, increase transparency, and improve the delivery of justice.