Real time IoT building intelligence and control platform with integrated suite of applications for sustainability, smartFM, IAQ, Data Centers and mission critical systems, occupancy, climate controls

โดย Green Koncepts Private Limited

Real time IoT building intelligence and control platform to digitalize for sustainability and FM

Centrally monitor, control and optimize building performance through real time data acquisition from sensors and meters of any make and model and control of actuators, valves across any number of disparate building sub-systems. For landlords, tenants and channel partners including FMs, HVAC and ESD consultants. Smart building technologies are fragmented, with easily 15-30 silo-ed solutions who do not play well with each other. Energetix offers a modular but integrated set of solutions AND a platform to bring all these technologies and different stakeholders together for data driven decision making to increase energy efficiency, boost productivity and make building spaces safer and increase building portfolio value.