Niagara Data Service

โดย Honeywell

Azure cloud ingestion & storage of semantically enriched IOT data using open architecture framework

Niagara Data Service™ is a Software as a Service (SaaS) offering within the Niagara Cloud Suite™. It builds upon the openness and extensibility of Niagara Framework® to support the systems integration and solution development services of our partners, as well as the strategies and software choices of end-users.

Niagara Data Service extends API-based access to semantically-enriched history data aggregated by the Niagara Framework. Data originates from on-premise control networks and is accessible via the Niagara Cloud Management Portal and APIs. Niagara Data Service enables Niagara users to leverage the flexibility and scalability of Microsoft Azure cloud-hosted storage, in addition to the power of tags and relations applied to data.